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Human & Social Services

*** NEW FOR 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR!***
 Instructor:  Mrs. Jana Witte (jwitte@acsc.net)
Mrs. Witte
Human & Social Services I: None
Human & Social Services II: Human & Social Services I
Course Descriptions:

Human and Social Services I is an introductory/exploratory course for students interested in careers in
human and community services and other helping professions. Areas of exploration include family and
social services, youth development, and adult and elder care, and other for- profit and non-profit
services. This project-based course will help students integrate higher order thinking, communication,
leadership, and management processes to conduct investigations in human and social services at the
local, state, national, or global/world level. Research and development, interdisciplinary projects, and/or
collaboration with post-secondary faculty, community agencies or organizations, or student
organizations are appropriate approaches.
Students will be introduced to human and social services professions through presentations from a
variety of guest speakers, job shadowing, field trips and introductory and exploratory field experiences.
Case studies, role play, and application of professional codes of ethics will be utilized reflecting the
challenges of working in diverse communities. Service learning experiences are highly recommended.
Achievement of applicable FACS, academic, and employability competencies will be documented
through a student portfolio. Dual credit is offered with acceptable level placement scores. (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)



Human and Social Services II is a core component of the Family and Human Services pathway. The
course prepares students for occupations and higher education programs related to assisting individuals
and families in meeting their potential. Through work based experiences, students apply the knowledge
and skills developed in the Human Services Foundations course. Concentration areas include family and
social services, youth development, and adult and elder care. Ethical, legal, and safety issues, as well as
helping processes and collaborative ways of working with others, will be addressed. Learning
experiences will involve analysis of the influence of culture and socioeconomic factors on individual
choices and opportunities, service delivery models, and theoretical perspectives. Intensive
laboratory/field experiences in one or more human social service agencies are a required component of
this course. Student laboratory/field experiences may be either school-based, if available, or “on the
job” in community-based agencies, or a combination of the two. A standards-based plan guides the
students’ laboratory/field experiences. Students are monitored in their laboratory/field experiences by
the Human and Social Services II teacher. Achievement of applicable standards will be documented
through a student portfolio. Articulation with post-secondary programs is encouraged. (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)



Dual Credit:
Human & Social Services I: Ivy Tech Dual Credit Equivalent: HUMS 101 Introduction to Human Services, 3 cr.; HUMS 109 Understanding Diversity, 3 cr.; HUMS 135 Love, Romance & Relationships, 3 cr.; HUMS 140 Loss & Grief, 3 cr.;  HUMS 116 Introduction to Disabilities, 3 cr.
Human & Social Services II:  Ivy Tech Dual Credit Equivalent:  HUMS 102, 3 cr. Helping Relationship Technique; HUMS 103 Interviewing & Assessment, 3 cr.; HUMS 206 Group Process & Skills, 3 cr.; HUMS 220 Issues & Ethics in Human Services, 3 cr. 
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