Culinary Arts

Instructors:  Domonic Tardy and Henry Murphy
Course Description:

Culinary Arts I (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)

  • Principles of Culinary & Hospitality- Principles of Culinary and Hospitality is designed to develop an understanding of the hospitality industry and career opportunities, and responsibilities in the food service and lodging industry. Introduces procedures for decision making which affects operation management, products, labor, and revenue. Additionally, students will learn the fundamentals of food preparation, basic principles of sanitation, service procedures, and safety practices in the food service industry including proper operation techniques for equipment. 
  • Nutrition- Nutrition students will learn the characteristics, functions and food sources of the major nutrient groups and how to maximize nutrient retention in food preparation and storage.
    Students will be made aware of nutrient needs throughout the life cycle and to apply those
    principles to menu planning and food preparation. This course will engage students in hands-on learning of nutritional concepts such as preparing nutrient dense meals or examining
    nutritional needs of student athletes. 
  • Culinary Arts- Culinary Arts teaches students how to prepare the four major stocks, the five mother sauces (in addition to smaller sauces) and various soups. Additional emphasis is placed on the further development of the classical cooking methods. This course will also present the fundamentals of baking science including terminology, ingredients, weights and measures, and proper use and care of equipment. Students will produce yeast goods, pies, cakes, cookies, and quick breads. 

Certifications Available: ProStart, ServSafe

Ivy Tech Dual Credit:
HOSP 101: Sanitation-Safety; HOSP 102: Basic Food Theory and Skills; HOSP 104: Nutrition; HOSP 103: Soup, stock, sauce; HOSP 105: Intro to Baking 

Culinary Arts II (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)

  • Culinary Arts Capstone- This course covers the techniques and skills needed in breakfast cookery as well as insight into the pantry department. Various methods of preparation of eggs, pancakes, waffles and cereals will be discussed. Students will receive instruction in salad preparation, salad dressing, hot and cold sandwich preparation, garnishes and appetizers. This course also covers the necessary skills for proper recruiting, staffing, training, and management of employees at various levels. The course will help prepare the student for the transition from employee to supervisor. Additionally, it will help the student evaluate styles of leadership, and develop skills in human relations and personnel management.
Certifications Available:
Dual Credit:  HOSP 108: Human Relations Mgmt.
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