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fire, emt, cjc vehicle scenario

Fire, EMT, CJC Vehicle Extrication Scenario

construction trades

Construction Trades

Health Science II:  CNA students

Radio/TV studio pic

Radio/TV Class

veterinary careers dog grooming

Veterinary Careers

Automotive Service

Automotive Service

EMT picture



The Anderson Career Center is an area career center that serves students from eight schools in Madison, Delaware, Henry, Hancock, and Hamilton Counties.   Students attending the Anderson Career Center attend half of the school day at their home high school and half of their day at the Career Center involved in one of eighteen career/technical education programs.  Our programs are designed to serve students who choose to go directly into the workforce and those students who may choose to go on to a two or four year college program.  Many of our programs offer industry certifications and most offer dual college credits.  The Anderson Career Center has something for everyone!

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Fire/Rescue Students Learning About Fire Hoses! Thumbnail Image

Fire/Rescue Students Learning About Fire Hoses!

Fire/Rescue students recently spent some time outside learning about hose advancement and how to properly utilize the fire hoses. While working outside, the students were in full turnout gear to simulate the same experience they would have if they were at a live fire.
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