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Criminal Justice

Officer Shannon Cleckley                                            Office Deena Dunn
    ([email protected])                                                           ([email protected])
Mr. Cleckley                                               CJ2                            
Criminal Justice I:  None
Criminal Justice II:  Criminal Justice I 
Course Description:

Criminal Justice I introduces specialized classroom and practical experiences related to public safety occupations such as law enforcement, loss prevention services, and homeland security.  This course provides an introduction to the purposes, functions, and history of the three primary parts (courts, corrections, law enforcement) of the criminal justice system as well as an introduction to the investigative process.  Oral and written communication skills should be reinforced through activities that model public relations and crime prevention efforts as well as the preparation of police reports.  Dual credit is offered with acceptable level placement scores. (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)


Criminal Justice II introduces students to concepts and practices in controlling traffic as well as forensic investigation at crime scenes. Students will have opportunities to use mathematical skills in crash reconstruction and analysis activities requiring measurements and performance of speed/acceleration calculations. Additional activities simulating criminal investigations will be used to teach scientific knowledge related to anatomy, biology, and chemistry as well as collection of evidence and search for witnesses, developing and questioning suspects, and protecting the integrity of physical evidence found at the scene and while in

transit to a forensic science laboratory. Procedures for the use and control of informants, inquiries keyed to basic leads, and other information-gathering activity and chain of custody procedures will also be reviewed.  Dual credit is offered with acceptable level placement scores. (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)

Certifications Available:
Dual Credit:
Criminal Justice I:  Ivy Tech Dual Credit Equivalent:  CRIM 101 Intro to Criminal Justice Systems, 3 cr.; CRIM 105 Intro to Criminology, 3 cr.
Criminal Justice II:  Ivy Tech Dual Credit Equivalent:  CRIM 110 Intro to Law Enforcement, 3 cr.
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