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Virtual/Remote Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Anderson Community Schools have recently returned to a remote/virtual teaching environment for our students and staff. We have taken into account the health and safety of the school community in making these decisions. It has not been easy.
We feel that it is safe to say that the school board, administrative staff, teachers ,and certainly the students do not like these conditions any more than you do as parents. It is stressful on the family unit to find child care and to keep a schedule. Families have to work and provide. It is important however that you not only encourage your students to log into their classes but you also encourage them to complete assignments and communicate with their teachers. We would ask that you then monitor their work and discuss their progress daily. Grades are being taken and assigned daily, and they do have an effect on student success. A large number of students have missed important assessments which are aimed at determining student growth. Even more alarming is the number of our students who received at least one F on their past grade report.
We need your help as never before, as do your students, to be successful at this stressful and demanding time.
Thank you for your time. Please let us know if we can be of further help. We are here to support your families in any way that we can!