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Radio/Television I/II

Instructor:  Mrs. Samantha Clark (sclark@acsc.net)
Radio/Television I:  None
Radio/Television II:  Radio/Television I
Course Description:

Radio and Television I focuses on communication, media and production. Emphasis is placed on career opportunities, production, programming, promotion, sales, performance, and equipment operation. Students will also study the history of communication systems as well as communication ethics and law. Students will develop oral and written communication skills, acquire software and equipment operation abilities, and integrate teamwork skills. Instructional strategies may include a hands-on school-based enterprise, real and/or simulated occupational experiences, job shadowing, field trips, and internships. (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)


Radio and Television II prepares students for admission to television production programs at institutions of higher learning. Students train on professional equipment creating a variety of video projects. Students enrolling in this program should have successfully completed Radio and Television I. During this second-year program students integrate and build on first-year curriculum while mastering advanced concepts in production, lighting and audio.  (3 credits per semester, 2 semester course)


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